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Characteristics of Service Oriented Architecture Services

  • Reusable: depending on their granularity, services can be used by multiple processes and other coarse-grained services.
  • Autonomous units of business functionality: each service provides a business function that is independent of other services.
  • Contract-based: interface and policies are strictly described by an interface specification.
  • Loosely coupled: service contracts are designed to be as independent of the service implementation as possible, minimizing the need for service contract changes if the implementation changes. In a tightly coupled system, an implementation change (e.g. a change in a back-end data type) would require a change to the interface and therefore the connecting systems. 
  • Platform-independent: both the consuming and SOA service systems can be on any platform that supports the service transport and interface requirements.
  • Discoverable and location independent: services are located through a service registry/catalogue and accessed via universal resource locators, and therefore may move over time without disruption to consuming systems.
  • Standards-based: services are built, consumed, and described using standards such as Web Services Definition Language (WSDL), which provides information about the service, and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), a packaging mechanism.
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