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Ehealth Information Architecture

To support the alignment and integration of the required ehealth initiatives, eHealth Ontario has developed (in collaboration with key stakeholders), Ontario’s ehealth conceptual information architecture (CIA). 

The CIA is a high-level view of what information constitutes an electronic health record in the Ontario health system, providing broad outlines of how that information should be structured. It is intended for use by all authorized stakeholders for electronic health records in Ontario, including but not limited to eHealth Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario health care providers and health care clients, and health care information system vendors.

The CIA provides:

  • A common vocabulary to facilitate communication and co-ordination between parties within eHealth Ontario and across the broader ehealth environment
  • An information structure to guide the planning, design, and data integration of EHR systems
  • A map of information relevant to the business that serves as the basis for information management and governance
  • Conceptual information model (CIM) diagrams and definitions

The conceptual information model will be used to enable and fulfill ehealth initiatives in the province of Ontario. Solutions built using the model will have the advantage of a design that promotes and enables integration with other solutions.

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