From detailed guides to online courses – resources are available to provide you with the knowledge necessary to build and integrate EHR applications.

Ehealth Support Services

Services that eHealth Ontario provides to its partners and vendors to help them develop and deliver health sector services in alignment or cooperation with the agency’s strategy, blueprint, and direction:

  • Strategic planning services: provide strategic business planning services to partners and vendors who develop and deliver ehealth services, to help them align with provincial direction, strategy, and policies. Provide a province-wide vision and strategy for health and ehealth in Ontario, supported by provincial policies and standards, and a clear understanding of value and accountabilities. 
  • Investment management services: support the making and tracking of ehealth investment decisions, or demonstrate accountability and value through the tracking of outcomes. For example, eHealth Ontario provides and manages funding for delivery partners that is tied to specific deliverables as agreed upon by both parties.
  • Solution delivery services: provide a standardized solution delivery lifecycle, to streamline development and delivery of ehealth solutions or reusable shared components. These may involve building, buying, and/or reuse.
  • Shared components stewardship services: promote the development of shareable ehealth components, including providing a repository of reusable components to appropriate delivery partners and vendors
  • Testing and certification services: support for the testing of ehealth products to assure compliance with expected requirements and standards
  • Standards management services: support the development, population, maintenance, and accessibility of content that promotes alignment and interoperability across ehealth solutions. Examples include standards, coding systems, nomenclature (terminology), schemas, and other specifications.
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