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Information/Data Standards

Information/data standards are an essential part of achieving interoperability, allowing point of service applications and all EHR services to exchange information seamlessly and reliably. 

An EHR standard is an agreed-upon rule, format or process that is applied to support the definition, exchange, and use of EHR data and services. For the EHR to work, everyone must agree on and use common processes, technology, data definitions, semantics, and formats for data exchange. Information/data standards are an essential part of interoperability, and are therefore critical to the design, support, and operation of the EHR. 

These standards must be selected carefully for applicability, durability, consistency and sustainability, allowing for the effective build and design of EHR components and avoiding unpredictable changes resulting in rework. The use of standards minimizes the cost of new implementations, and allows new solutions and systems to participate in the EHR more easily. 

The selection of standards is critical to the communication of business functionality. The standards selected by eHealth Ontario to support the EHR have clearly articulated business models to enable providers to understand how the standards support clinical activities. This is particularly important during early design stages, to ensure that functional and non-functional requirements are complete.

For more information on standards, refer to eHealth Ontario’s web site, or the website for a particular standard.

There are several types of standards required for the EHR:

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