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Integration Service Modes

The Ontario HIAL Solution has established the service modes that it will support. This is crucial to the standardization of external/public services for the EHR. External service consumers select the category types they need to support their business requirements. 

EHR services support the following integration service modes:

  • Synchronous transactional data messaging services: for example, an EMR requests a lab test result for a health care client from OLIS, and waits for acknowledgement 
  • Asynchronous transactional data messaging services: for example, a laboratory information system submits a lab test result to the HIAL to be posted to OLIS at the end of the day. In the meantime, the laboratory information system can continue with its own processing.
  • Synchronous business function services: for example, a drug utilization review, which provides decision support to health care professionals (such as pharmacists or physicians) by identifying drug contraindications 
  • Portlet services: for example, a nurse practitioner views a health care client’s lab results via a portlet that may be distributed on a number of portals across the province
  • Batch services: for example, regulatory colleges send batch files of provider license numbers to the provider registry
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