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Ontario’s Ehealth Blueprint

Ontario’s ehealth blueprint is a foundational artifact that informs EHR planning and delivery for the province. It provides a future state, high-level view of the EHR in Ontario, without specifying when components or capabilities will be available, or who will be responsible for them. It defines the elements required to realize the goals of the EHR, while providing a framework for describing the architectural principles and patterns that will be employed to deliver its solutions. The blueprint is built on key foundational principles including privacy and security compliance, collaborative governance, regulation and policy, standards, and federation.

The blueprint provides multiple views. This document addresses three – the business, information and systems views. Information on standards, a key component of an interoperable EHR, is woven throughout the document.

Figure 3: Blueprint Views

The business view defines eHealth Ontario’s business services that support health care delivery. The information view defines what information needs to be gathered and managed as part of providing these services. The systems view describes the systems solutions that automate the business services and manage the data, as well as the core infrastructure services required for the EHR.

Example: Health care providers need to be able to order lab tests electronically. The business view describes the requisition service required to support these orders; the information view defines the data that must be captured and used; and the systems view includes the Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), which implements the technical solution.
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