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Patient Experience

The patient is the centre of the health care system. Every day hundreds of thousands of patients interact with physicians, nurse practitioner clinics, hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, community services, and pharmacies. As they move through the system, they leave a trail of information about their health care, some of which is recorded and stored by providers. Often, these sources of data are not connected, and data is mostly shareable between authorized health care providers manually through mechanisms such as mail, fax, or telephone.

The patient experience in the current health care system in Ontario is often marked by delay, duplication, limited information availability at the point of service, and frustration. For example, when visiting a provider, a patient may experience one of the following situations.

Scenario 1: the required information is not available due to: 

  • Slow arrival of test results sent by mail/fax
  • Lost results
  • Information scattered throughout large paper files 
  • Required prescription information stored at another physician’s office

Scenario 2: the patient is required to repeat his/ her history for each new provider:

  • This is an error prone process, which can result in information being stored in multiple places as well as duplicate tests, repeated visits, delay, or missing information through information collection fatigue or forms/processes that make collection difficult.
  • Collecting information may not be possible in an emergency department should the patient be unable to communicate.
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