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Public Health

This is a class of EHR applications designed for use by public health units. An examples is the Panorama application, which includes a pan-Canadian public health immunization and infectious disease surveillance solution. Panorama is designed to revolutionize public health surveillance, improve preparedness for health emergencies, and support improved protection of Ontarians (and Canadians) against emerging and ongoing threats to public health. Having access to timely information will help public health professionals efficiently manage cases and outbreaks of infectious diseases, improve delivery and tracking of immunizations, and better manage vaccine inventories.

The immunization-related functionality in Panorama will initially be used by all 36 public health units across Ontario, as well as the Public Health Division (PHD), the Public Health Ontario Agency, Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service (OGPMSS), and eventually First Nations and Inuit communities. 

The full list of core function modules planned for eventual implementation in Ontario is:

  • Immunization management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Surveillance analytics – business intelligence
  • Investigations management 
  • Outbreak management 
  • Notifications management 
  • Work management
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