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Regional HIAL Segments

While all HIAL segments are similar in purpose and function, regional segments are focused on integration of more local/regional assets into the common province-wide HIAL resources and services infrastructure. The Regional HIAL segments will be used in a number of key ways:

  • They will expose regional ehealth services (belonging to, and pertaining to, a region). HIAL communication and common service capabilities will be used in each regional HIAL segment to integrate health information within the region. 
  • They will expose regional variations of provincial ehealth services via a connection to the eHealth Ontario HIAL segment. The regional HIAL segment will use its integration capabilities to expose regional versions of eHealth Ontario services. For example, it could process (e.g. transform or translate) a request before relaying it (this is referred to as ‘last mile integration’). This facilitates the adoption of provincial ehealth services by allowing regional legacy, non-standard systems to indirectly consume standards-based ehealth services. 
  • Some regionally-supplied ehealth services may be of interest to other regions. One way to provide access to these services could be to have an associated central service (hosted by the eHealth Ontario HIAL segment). The following diagram shows the regional and eHealth Ontario HIAL segments and how service consumers connect and get access to information about a health care client. Note that while service consumers can connect directly to the segment that presents a region’s ehealth services, eHealth Ontario services may also be consumed via another HIAL segment. This will be transparent to the point of service application.
  • In cases where no last mile integration is required, a regional service consumer may connect directly to the eHealth Ontario HIAL segment to access shared EHR resources, without going through the corresponding regional HIAL segment. The path taken depends on the service consumer and the service requested.

Service consumers do not need to know which path (provincial or regional) to use. They simply request a service from the service catalogue which defines the location and routing for service fulfilment.

Figure 15: Ontario HIAL Solution

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