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Transaction Patterns

Transaction patterns establish a common set of interoperability processes and behaviours that can be applied to line of business applications invoked within the EHR. This creates predictable system behaviours by relying on a limited number of ways to connect to and use EHR services. Patterns also inform the interoperability requirements for point of service applications and EHR components, defining the responsibilities of the sending and receiving components, and how they should interact.

The patterns are founded on three common types of interactions between point of service applications and the Ontario HIAL Solution (and the services offered through it), including data, portlet, and publish-and-subscribe interactions. 

  • Data interactions: the exchange of EHR data between point of service applications and the Ontario HIAL Solution through exposed data services
  • Portlet interactions: build on the data interactions with the use of portals at the point of service by exchanging EHR data through portlet services
  • Publish and Subscribe interactions: a pattern in which a person or application publishes information, triggering an event notification (with or without payload) to all authorized subscribers. An example would be where a line of business application uses this pattern to publish data to other line of business or point of service applications. 

These common patterns are divided into processing phases, including the external and internal (regional and provincial) activities to satisfy external requests:

  • Point of service patterns: the sequence of activities that point of service applications perform to interact with and consume EHR services
  • EHR services patterns: the flow of activities to fulfill service requests invoked by point of service applications or other internal components
  • Federated Health Information Access Layer patterns: build on EHR services patterns by defining processing behaviours for the provincial and regional HIAL segments
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