From detailed guides to online courses – resources are available to provide you with the knowledge necessary to build and integrate EHR applications.

Transforming Health Care

By simplifying information access and sharing, ehealth provides the following benefits:

  • Improved care through timely, secure, accurate, and complete information shared among all health care providers from all relevant sources. The ability to coordinate and share data among health care systems, such as annual patient physicals, lab reports and test results, medication records, and digital diagnostic images, will help reduce wait times for appointments, procedures, access to health care facilities, laboratory test results, and clinical diagnoses.
  • Improved safety and reduced potential for adverse effects such as allergies, interactions, and incorrect dosage
  • Improved security of confidential health information through modern, encrypted data protection systems, by implementing standards and electronic controls to manage access to data, and to protect the privacy of Ontario citizens
  • Improved practice efficiencies from automated workflows and having all patient information in one location, giving providers more time to focus on their clients
  • Improved support for health system management by providing the ability to identify program spending effectiveness, and the use and allocation of resources. This will help facilitate the efficient transfer of patients to the appropriate level of care, such as health care facilities, community care, and primary care. It also can help reduce costs through fewer duplicate tests, more efficient use of physician and specialist visits, and more efficient use of emergency room and hospital visits.
  • Improved support for research through secondary use of rich longitudinal health information spanning a patient’s history. For example, this information can be used to review information on determinants of health, as well as for pure research at health care organizations, universities, and other academic institutions.
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