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Ontario’s eHealth Blueprint Courses

  • Technical Overview

    This course explores the blueprint’s conceptual architecture by outlining key terms and components, the role of provincial and regional hubs and implementation approach. It is intended for those with an interest in the blueprint and the eHealth foundation.

    4 Modules

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  • Logical Architecture

    This course explores the logical design of the blueprint. It examines the eHealth foundation components and describes their technical behaviors and how they interact with each other to deliver electronic health records across the province. It is intended for information technology professionals with an interest in the logical architecture.

    5 Modules

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  • Service Oriented Architecture

    This course explores an industry-recognized design and management approach used to deliver business capabilities as reusable services. Service-oriented architecture integrates business as linked, repeatable business tasks, or services. It is intended for those involved with building or using ehealth solutions in Ontario.

    3 Modules

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  • Information Architecture

    This course explores the provincial information strategy for delivering eHealth in Ontario. It outlines the province's information architecture for EHRs, its benefits and how to apply it. Intended for IT architects, data modelers and business and standards analysts involved in building eHealth solutions.

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  • Ontario’s Ehealth Standards

    This course explores our standards program and its services, provides an overview of health information standards and their role in facilitating information sharing in Ontario’s ehealth blueprint. Also covered are key concepts of data exchange and data content standards required for interoperability, and their influence in selecting and implementing standards.

    4 Modules

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