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What is the Blueprint?

Ontario’s ehealth blueprint is a framework for EHR planning and delivery. It provides a future state, high-level view of the EHR in Ontario.

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Why Does Ontario Need a Blueprint?

Health care in Ontario is complex. Over 300,000 health care professionals create thousands of patient records every day.

Patient records are often stored in different locations in a variety of incompatible systems managed by diverse organizations. As a result, patient data is fragmented and not easily shared. The fact is, health care providers need a comprehensive view of a patient’s health record to provide effective and efficient care. Health care managers need in-depth information to plan and allocate resources, measure performance and manage costs.

The blueprint is key to ensuring a safe, robust, and secure system where millions of electronic records containing untold amounts of personal health information can be exchanged.

How the Blueprint Helps

The business of health care is undergoing a profound transformation.

Significant value and cost savings will be realized through automating business processes and improving the way health care information is managed. The blueprint will guide the implementation of interoperable standards-based EHR solutions that improves health care for all Ontarians.

This will help the current challenges including:

An image depicting Relying on patients to accurately recount their history, test results, and medications

Relying on patients to accurately recount their history, test results, and medications

An image depicting Requiring duplicate tests, extra visits, and / or unnecessary delays

Requiring duplicate tests, extra visits, and / or unnecessary delays

An image depicting Making health care decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information

Making health care decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information

The blueprint provides the structure needed for developers to innovate locally while aligning with provincial directions.

The Blueprint Structure

Multiple views describe the many ways the blueprint supports EHR delivery. Falling into three basic categories – business, information and systems – these views communicate specific approaches as they relate to individual stakeholder groups.

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Business View

The business view helps inform strategic and solution planning as well as investment decisions. It also helps shape the governance of ehealth throughout the province by clarifying roles, responsibilities, and business services.

Useful For: Planners, providers, managers, architects
  • serves as a communication tool to promote a common understanding of our services in the context of ehealth in Ontario
  • supports business planning
  • helps stakeholders identify available services
Information View Image

Information View

The information view delivers a model of the information that constitutes an individual’s EHR. It offers a structure for managing health information from multiple sources. It defines what information about a patient is collected, included, and expected at any point in the health care system.

Useful For: Planners, providers, administrators, architects
  • serves as a reference for organizations building or buying ehealth solutions
  • reduces time to design a solution and improves the quality
  • ensures integration with existing solutions
Systems View Image

Systems View

The systems view describes the applications, services, and core infrastructure required to build and integrate ehealth solutions in Ontario. It highlights one of the blueprint’s major objectives – developing more service-oriented solutions.

Useful For: System architects, designers, developers, implementers
  • shows how EHR resources and services are integrated and deployed
  • illustrates how data is secured, made private and accessed
  • demonstrates how the blueprint is governed

Blueprint In-Depth

Explore Ontario's ehealth blueprint. The in-depth guide provides detailed information on multiple views, key principles and EHR standards.

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Published four times a year, the Blueprint Bulletin provides readers with regular insight into the elements, services and new developments associated with the Ontario eHealth blueprint.

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